Immagination on paperIllustrations

Vectorized and computer-painted drawings on paper

This illustration was designed and created for the back cover of ‘La mia Oceania’, the mix of environments depict the ‘Gertrude & Alice’ Book Store Cafe, on Hall st. in Bondi Beach, where I wrote the book in my two years in Australia. While the open and forested background is a reminder of my home in Bondi, the famous Hippie House where I lived most of the time the first and last period, a large haunted house with Hippie colors and lived in for more of ten different people from different continents and countries, the inner garden that my (our) room overlooked was green, full of trees, curious birds and evocative figurines.
In the end the drawing was not used because it was too rich, the plot and the biography would not have been clearly visible.


La Cicer Beach is the most famous surf spot in Las Palmas in Gran Canaria. People of all ages surf there every day, the peak in front of the Auditorium is populated from the early hours of dawn to the last hours of sunset and the beach is dotted with surf schools. La Cicer is only the last part of the long and very famous beach of Las Canteras, dotted with cafes and restaurants, from locals to tourists it is the most loved beach by everyone! 20 ° all year round.

In my drawings I often like to portray people in their most natural postures or that suit them more, in this case I chose a little girl (who was actually a boy) and her little dog, the point of view is far away, the little girl she is on the promenade ready to go surfing, while in the distance, the Sea is a beautiful and sinuous woman looking at the Auditorium, the structure architecturally recalls the culture of neighboring Morocco.

Surfer Girls

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The request for a poster for a Surfing event in Italy was the first external request I received for a sporting event, at the beginning it was difficult to understand where to start, how much to fill an advertisement with details and subjects and where to insert the writings. In short, the Layout and all that follows. I did not study advertising but I turned to the most intriguing painters and graphic designers for me, L’Art Nouveau brought out so many advertisements and posters with such a feminine and captivating design that I could not help but draw inspiration from my best artists. sector and from the origins of the sector. I would like to work more on label and envelope designs for wines, chocolate and cookies.