Arts 4 the Oceans & 4 the HorsesAlessia Martuscelli

Painter, Writer, Illustrator

I would like to understand the nuances of all things, the emotional composition of things to be able to write a vocabulary of that, I would like to be able to speak all languages to get out and enter cultural patterns whenever I want, I would like to translate sounds into colors, sculpt water , paint the air, trap promises in photographs so as not to forget them. I would like to walk the way of the heart to discover the universe.

Italy 2021

La mia Oceania

Published book -Mondadori , Feltrinelli, IBS book stores

Her greatest desire was to change life, at only 23 a girl like many, decides to venture alone across the globe to Australia. The fears, the insecurities and the identity of her still to be discovered are the ghosts that will keep her company on her journey, to help and spur, her insatiable curiosity, her passions for surfing, horses and art. La mia Oceania is an autobiographical book that describes wonderful places where the undisputed protagonist is the ocean. From super crowded houses, to the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Sydney to the immense Australian countryside, Alessia’s story is a journey full of encounters and experiences, to learn she will let herself be drawn into a relationship as tormented as formative for her personality and for the young Dorian, locked up in a maximum security prison, their stories flow together and separated in an adventurous tale.



Più Libri Più Liberi// La Nuvola, Fiera del libro di Roma 6-8 Dicembre 2021

Se Scrivendo- Interview

First Book Presentation

Salone Internationale di Torino (International Book fair)

Sign Copy/ Mondadori Book store

Fiera di Torino

Exposition 100 Pittori di Via Margutta

Biennale di Calcata, Italy

Fiera del Libro di Roma

Eur Painting Competition & Expo 2019