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Tl. +45 50363460

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Now based in COPENHAGEN DK

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    Hawaiian culture and the name of my studio

    The name of my studio comes from the creative fusion of my nickname in high school and the more recent decade-long passion for surfing and the sea.

    In Hawaiian a single word usually has multiple meanings, for example the word Mahalo means thanks, but also gratitude, in the same way Nalu means Wave and together encloses the meaning of the creation of the wave itself and can even mean the birth of something. What more poetic and similar word to describe the creation of a work!

    Finally, observing the word Iride Nalu on one of my first stickers in a day of sea and waves,  the evolution of the term came like a beautifull unexpected wave!

    I – Ride Nalu is the final result of a story that has just begun.