Tourn the light on Photographs

Photography is an exercise in observation…

…and to be honest the result is always a stroke of luck!

World Surfing Championship

Hossegor 2018

One of my favorite albums!

I had a lot of fun working on it, two very different reportages but from the same long trip. I was returning from my life in Cantabria with some surf friends, we crossed the coast of northern Spain to France slowly returning to Italy, and we stopped a week in Hossegor to watch the stage of the World Surf Championship. I’ve never been a racing fun but it was a great opportunity to have some great shots!

Our adventure began the first night we had to sleep in a car fronting the beach buried in wool blankets… what a f*** cold! But i remember the excitement of waking up early and being able to see the pro surfers come into the sea at dawn to train before the copetition, humidity had consumed all but enthusiasm.

Then we arrived in Milan, the surfers in my mind continued to compete and leave trails in the sky, taking advantage of the architectural lines in the much boring city. They wrote trails of maddened foam dancing rebellious like sea dancers on urban stages.

Zug, Switzerland

I often go to Switzerland, a precious diamond set in Europe, a yellow flower sprouted from concrete, a fairy landscape inside a crystal ball full of snow.
Observing the towns, the shops, the families, I like to notice their attachment and romanticism to the past and to what is handmade and with love, to the craftsman, it is the perfect balance between romantic and meticulous love and strong and enterprising one. Not that the Swiss are enterprising people, it is my reading of the picture that is imaginative!

Surfers from Europe

Santander, Biarriz, Hossegor

Wolf House Surfers


This photo album is the result of my shots during my return trip from my life in Cantabria. After Australia I wanted to learn Spanish and I went to work for a surf camp on the Cantabrian coast, it was my first long period in Spain, in the end I didn’t learn Spanish in this situation because I was surrounded by people from all over the world. German, Dutch, Italian, Swiss and so on. I remember continuing to speak mostly English. On this particular occasion we had all dressed up as hippies for a beach party, ours was a disguise but the reality we lived was exactly this kind of vibe, surf, vans, fun and moment on the beach to spend together.

The Tree House

I love trees. They are like us. Roots on the ground and head towards the sky.

 L’Hippie House (pag.69)

La mia Oceania

-I lati della porta un pò sgranocchiati dal tempo e dai topi, lasciavano passare della luce, era stato  quello a farmi realizzare di aver trovato la porta d’ingresso. Un mucchio di fili collegati a una grossa televisione, cartoni della pizza sparsi qua e la, bottiglie di birra, una colonna di legno centrale sorreggeva il tetto spiovente abbastanza provato, i colori jipsi riempivano i miei occhiovunque mi girassi.
Avevamo attraversato di nuovo la sala centrale passando per una cucina dalle pareti completamente fucsia e cadenti, mancavano pezzi di muro ovunque e ogni parte di quello rimanente era completamente scrostrato, il lavandino stracolmo, un forno e dei fonelli su cui bivaccavano alcune padelle altamente cancerogene, e un ripiano di legno ad angolo nascosto da buste di pane in cassetta, barattoli di pomodoro, barattoli di fagioli lasciati aperti e costellazioni di briciole.
Markus sembrava quasi imbarazzato una volta arrivati davanti alla porta del bagno, mi guardava intimorito aprendo piano la porta blu cigolante, regalandomi uno sguardo di incoraggiamento sembrava quasi fosse stata colpa sua quel deserto di ragnatele per aria.
“Convivete con molti ragni?” “Si”
“Avete pipistrelli in giardino?” 
Mi sarei trasferita li, l’atmosfera romantica di quella casa non mi dispiaceva dopotutto.
La mia Oceania

From my adventurous life in Australia that lasted two years, my first home was called the Hippie House, leaving no room for imaginary voids the dynamics of the romantic home are described together with a flood of overwhelming events in my new book.
(only available in Italian, translated version coming soon)

Continua e immergiti nell'avventura Australiana!

La mia Oceania

Australia, Surf & much more!