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Australia, Portugal, France, Spain -Real people inspired

Valerio Gold Coast Australia

Valerio Gold Coast Australia

Marco surfing in Cantabria

Marco surfing in Cantabria

Ali & Ari surfer girls Ostia Beach

Silvio longboarding Portugal

Alice surfer girl, Ostia beach

Creative process has something very logical as well as magical at the same time. Creativity is a meditation that lets itself be carried away consciously, it is extrapolating concepts from what I see and what happens, sometimes it is presuming to understand how things really are and wanting to put pen to paper. Because creatives are also very presumptuous, they often believe they get to the truth before others, they are moved by an underlying restlessness that needs to cling to a lost mirror. Our art is the mirror of who we are, placing reality in a picture is terribly heartening, it is not surrendering to objective reality but fighting for the subjective one which is our real body. Whether it’s a painting, a photograph or an illustration, reality is transformed into something less noisy and more magical, in the case of photographs I can’t help but simply change the imposing reality into something softer and more silent, more curious. While in paintings the colors can fade into something, painting is perhaps what I feel most attracted to, the light mixed with the air changes in thickness and color transforming everything it touches. In the illustrations, however, the outlines are sharp and clear and anything can happen at any moment because none of the characters are subject to rules or restrictions but only guided by harmony

...and DREAM*

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-Mixed Art and mixed continents

“Mirrors are used to look at one’s face, and art is used to look at one’s soul”

<<Creativity simply means connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they almost feel guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something and, after a while, everything seemed clear to them. This is because they were able to connect their experiences and synthesize them into new things>>
(Steve Jobs)

Illustrations and the Surf

My first illustrations were born together with my love for Surfing. In Ostia, on the Italian coast, my friends from the surf school asked me to take care of the design of the poster for our first Liquid Vision Retrò Surf Event (Loved it!) Before, I had mostly worked only on less complete small drawings and paintings, but later, surfing, the sea and everything that came with it brought great inspiration into my life, i began to see forms and discover different possibilities. Many illustrations present a mixture of photography and Art Nouveau style (wich i have loved since i was little) i always or almost always represent reality and places where I lived.

Paintings Boredom

Drawing and Painting have always been there, as a child I was bored spending a lot of time at the table, we were often out for dinner and while the others were talking I began to draw portraits of my parent’s friends, at school when I was bored I drew teachers, at home I drew what went through my head and usually I couldn’t miss an episode of Art Attack! (an italian very famous art show for kids) There is no talent that is born without a little boredom, now I take it very badly, I mean boredom, not that it happens often but sometimes it happens, I always want to commit to something, but then I remember about how the best things in my life started and i acknowledge the magic that comes with it.

Photographie and tecniques

A number of things after high school led me to the study of Photography. Instead of continuing my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, i enrolled the Photography triennal at the IED (European Institute of Design) I studied analogue, digital and post production, along with other subjects whose name I hardly even remember. Totally different from what I am and what I actually wanted to do, the IED still left me with the tools to be able to compose the image I want, the technique that is no small feat. I like to mix overlapping, blending to create magical effects, I don’t feel as deserving as in painting because I just need to capture moments that already exist and press a button. And yes, it’s always cool to have a camera around your neck, but how heavy it is!

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