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Acrylic and oil on Canvas

Every canvas is a journey all it’s own

La mia Oceania

Australia 2018

Embarking on a Journey

La mia Oceania

Read my Australian life changing adventure at 20! 


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    Alessia Martuscelli: A Life in Art

    International selling contemporary Artist, teacher, writer, world traveler.

    I’m Alessia Martuscelli, an Italian painter now based in Copenhagen. Art has been my lifelong passion, leading me to earn a Bachelor’s degree in photography. The greatest painters from around the world have profoundly influenced my work. I began with a deep devotion to the illustrative styles of Alphonse Mucha and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and more contemporary artists like James Jean.

    Inspired by the way Norman Rockwell tells a story through his paintings and the brave, passionate expression of Frida Kahlo, I found my artistic voice. The Impressionists’ ability to interpret light captivated me, while my Italian heritage keeps me connected to the baroque and rococo architecture of Italy and southern Spain’s magnificent churches and villas.

    In my early twenties, I left Rome in search of great adventures and a more independent life. My love for surfing and nature drew me to Australia for my first life experience. Later, I lived in northern Spain, Portugal, the Canary Islands, and now Copenhagen. Here, I host art classes and painting events, sharing my passion with others.

    My paintings reflect the diverse experiences of my life. Some are quiet, simple, and essential, inspired by my love for surfing and nature. Others are vibrant and symbolic, influenced by my travels and the cultures I’ve absorbed. Through my art, I continue to live many different lives, each brushstroke a testament to my endless curiosity and passion for beauty

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