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If we don’t use creativity for a greater cause, then why are we?


Choose how to use the percentage of your piece of Art (Paintings, Illustrations & Books)

Are you 4 the Oceans, 4 the Horses, or both?

By purchasing items I Ride Nalu you contribute to the defense of two ecosystems, the Oceans and the Horses.
Why the oceans? Oceans and seas cover 70% of our planet and contain 97% of the Earth’s water. They connect people, provide food and oxygen, regulate our climate by absorbing nearly a quarter of the CO2 produced, and host a wide variety of species. As the source of our life, the oceans and seas are at the heart of the world’s ecological priorities.
Personally I have an almost magical relationship with the sea, I love surfing but I love the sea for what it manages to convey and represents, it is the undisputed protagonist of many illustrations, ideas and my books, I want my art to collaborate to protect and support it the associations that defend it. A percentage (different for any piece) of the proceeds from the sale go to selected Associations or individual events in support of Ocean lawsuits. purchasing
I Ride Nalu items, also contributes to the defense of the Equine breed. Horses are fantastic and extremely intelligent and capable animals, which have served us for years and still serve us today, noble animals that are too often used as a simple bargaining chip. Fortunately, there are Associations that deal with horses that as ‘commodities’ are no longer considered ‘useful’. It is a reality that horses are still abused even by the best centers, abandoned, not treated as they deserve and need. I was part of the equestrian world for fifteen years competing in show jumping in Italy and working with horses in Australia and I have unfortunately witnessed a lot of abuse still lawful, which over time led me to abandon the world of horse riding.
My affection, bond and esteem for these splendid animals has never faded and with my Art I want to support the Associations that take care of them and that dedicate their time to the protection and respect of the equine species.

Whatever your purchase, one percent of the proceeds each year will go to support a cause concerning the protection of the marine ecosystem and for the help of horses protected by non-profit associations. For larger purchases it is possible to contribute (included in the price) to the remote adoption of a horse for a year, the documents will be received and it will be possible to visit the horse personally throughout the year.

70x 100 Portrait

By ordering 1 Painting of measures 70×100
You will give 2 unique and wonderful gifts, for the price of 1.
1. A unique and personalized portrait that will reflect the beauty, personality and passions of the lucky subject.
2. You will also give away the adoption of a remote Horse for 1 whole year.
You will be able to choose among the horses of the association and you will receive:
-A package containing the certificate of adoption with the photo and its history
– Periodic updates
-The exclusive invitation to our events (Italy)

30×40  Portrait


By commissioning a 30×40 painting

You will get

  1. A Custom Portrait, of the lucky subject
  2. A full cycle of intensive care for a Horse.

Custom illustrations


By purchasing a t-shirt or a printed image (photo or illustration on objects or paper) you will contribute in a generic way to support the life of horses with generic food materials and medicines.
There are 2 ways to request Illustrations:

1. Choosing an image from the Illustrations or Photographs page, the illustration can be purchased digitally or physical poster of various sizes.

For details, get in touch directly on 0039 366 7467317 (whatsapp)
[email protected] (email)

2. You can request a fully customized illustration or portrait